By Nick

First of all - I owe a massive apology to these gentlemen for having put off this review for what seems like years, and actually is in the case of the promoÖbut I wasnít here then. Anyhow, this is a two-for-one deal, Drearís Promo from 2007 as well as their album We Will Use Your Blood for Fertilizer, both of which can be found on the bandís Band Camp page and both of which Iíve combined together in the review. Drear make me think of wandering down a long corridor. The only things to be seen are flickering lights and broken glass, but you feel consumed by it, and it pulls you along. A man comes over a rickety, muffled PA system speaking loudly and incoherently like through a shitty fast-food speaker. Things start to feel uneasy and you wonder how on earth you made it here but youíre still compelled to walk forward. It seems endless here, and youíre almost positive it is until a swinging light flickers and you see the outline of a door frame. You shuffle to it and immediately regret your decision. Stumbling over the raised threshold and tumbling into a scarcely lit room where an elderly man stands over a lifeless body. As he looms over the body, heís speaking in some peculiar tongues, a language Lovecraft would call ďlost.Ē

The rest of the two Drear albums are the journey faced from there, onward. Captivating, vacuuming guitars and some demonic-monk sounding vocals keep you entranced. Track two on WWUYBfF, Madness and Civilisation, is a lengthy sound clip (5:20) with some musical accompaniment thatís pretty interesting. So, head on over to Drearís Band Camp, give them a listen and pick up this digital album.

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