WFH Wednesday has been officially canceled this week due to work-related butthurtedness, so I'll be filling in and doing it as half-assedly as possible. Now, I'm not really into comic books, and I only like shitty blockbuster movies that have either superheroes or Will Ferrel in them, so I'm afraid I won't be able to share anything that is actually cool or interesting. In fact, I think I'll just rehash an old bandcamp submission that I never got around to posting.

Today's selection is from the UK's very own Drear, who I don't really know anything about or have any interest in researching, but at least they have some pretty cool cover art and a sort of nihilistic, post-apocalyptic vibe to their whole deal. What I do know is that they will now proceed to club you into submission with three tracks of raw, noise-infused sludge. Expect lots of end-of-world samples, droning feedback, and an industrial bent to their sonic carnage, complete with blackened vocals that wouldn't sound all that out of place on a Carpathian Forest record. Yes, it is dreary.

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