By Cactus Mouth

I was pretty surprised when this UK metal band Drear sent me this EP. First of all itís titled We Will Use Your Blood for Fertilizer so that right there grabbed my attention. And second, I really donít receive many metal submissions (even though I love the genre). So I thanked the band for the submission and sat down to listen to what would turn out to be a really ferocious and refreshing 25 minutes of brain-melting doom metal. Now whatís really interesting is that the band takes these long sound clips of dialogue and uses them just about as much as they use their own vocals. So when the vocalist shreds his throat for the sake of music you are really getting the full spectrum of what the human vocal chords are capable of producing. Those primal screams bleed into the rest of the music and all streams lead to a mighty ocean of brutal and excellent musical energy.

Now I realize that I donít post a ton of metal on here, but every now and then I get the chance (and I relish them when I do). So I am not ignorant of the fact that this may not be your cup of tea. But a few weeks ago my pals at Boy Atrractions decided to give the excellent new Liturgy album a whirl and their world was all the better for it. So maybe just maybe if you give it a chance youíll find something to like here, because I certainly did. Download this thing for free while you still can. Let the ear-hemorrhaging commence.

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