Unreal Summer

June's Night Horizon Never Darkens
Convulsive lovers down at the coast:
the wrest of water on still sand.
They fuck to a backdrop of Kandinsky -
all moisture, colour, kisses and euphoria.

bright bruises on
the dim husk

is the Earth
when the sun
slowly withers away.

September's Dusk Horizon Never Ends
Loose white sand
in dark hollows
of seashells.
Burned sky
inks her eyes,
changing hazel
to pale green.
Isn't the dune heath
alive tonight?
A fever of heather
and yellow gorse.
Twilight dims:
its growing density
casts darkness
across her body.
Oh to escape
old drudgeries,
our bones by the sea
with bottles of rum.
Our braille skin
peels to ash
and drifts into
sun and undertow.
dusk horizon
never ends.