The Weather Report for Judgment Day

Summer, and her sweltering heat
Demands discomfort of her guests,
Sweat dripping slow between the breasts
Of clouds that swell and march to meet
At the breech to Eternity.

The sun stares down unceasingly,
Causing the world to hide away
And hope and pray for milder days
When life resides more comfortably;
But it knows not of what awaits...

All has failed and stormclouds rumble
Whilst the Earth writhes with the wind;

Masses gather and life crumbles
As God holds court for those who sinned;

Time exhumed and Mankind humbled,
The Last Catastrophe begins...

Winter, and her frozen terror
Seeps throughout the dying planet:
The sky is crumbling black granite,
And Earth a forecast of error
That proceeds to delete itself.

Gales rake the tectonic shelf,
Driving miasmas through the world
Upon the crests of storms that swirled
With agony and Death herself:
This is the last weather report.